The Project

The Hove Railway Crossing has been a long-standing problem in our community. That’s why I have been extensively consulting our community about a grade separation at Hove Crossing on Brighton Road, Hove.

As the local Member and Minister for Transport, I have held numerous community meetings, delivered countless communications, door knocked residents, and kept people fully informed through updates on this website.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport’s detailed analysis of the Hove Level Crossing Removal project found the least costly option between the rail-over and rail-under design options would be around $120 million more than the available budget.

The current budget allocation of $171 million is inadequate to remove the level crossing with the rail-over option estimated to cost $290 million and the rail-under cost estimated to cost $450 million.

Given the significant budget required and community feedback, it is only prudent that I act on this information to ensure taxpayer dollars are invested as responsibly and efficiently as possible, therefore the Hove Level Crossing Removal project will not be proceeding.

While the project is no longer going ahead, we cannot ignore that congestion on Brighton Rd will continue to be a problem in our community. As the number of families and small businesses in our wonderful coastal suburbs continue to grow over the coming years, so will the congestion on our roads.

I thank our community for their continued interest and feedback throughout the consultation process.

I will continue advocating for our local community and working with my Department to deliver the best outcomes for our great state.

Corey Wingard MP
Member for Gibson