Register for further community engagement

30 Nov 2020

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport has been working for a number of months on evaluating all the options and finding the best solution for Fixing Brighton Road - Hove Crossing, including road over, road under, rail over and rail under concepts.

You may have noticed drilling at various locations along the corridor throughout the year, these geotechnical and ground water testing works form part of the early design evaluation process.

From here the Department is continuing to further engage with the community and key stakeholders – this will continue over the coming weeks and into the New Year.

To ensure there is “one source of truth” and to prevent any misinformation being circulated, I encourage everyone to refer to the Department’s website and the associated contacts for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

I strongly encourage you to register your interest in receiving updates on this project by either contacting my office to join our community email group or the Department.

If you have any questions about the project you can channel them through the website or contact my office. As more information comes to hand, you will be notified if you have registered.

Thanks for your interest and engagement as we look to find the best solution for this long-standing problem in our community as we work to Fix Brighton Road - Hove Crossing.