Design options being considered for Hove Crossing

31 Dec 2020

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport has been working for a number of months on evaluating all the options and finding the best solution for Fixing Brighton Road - Hove Crossing.

Community and stakeholder engagement continues to be an important part of the planning process in deciding road over, road under, rail over or rail under.

A number of the most immediately impacted residents will already have been engaged by the Department. This engagement will be opened to the broader community, including residents, business owners and other community stakeholders to ensure their views help inform the project's final design.

Further engagement and information sharing will occur in early 2021, to assist with determining the preferred design option.

It's expected that award of the construction contract will occur in late 2021, with main works commencing in mid-2022. It is anticipated the project will be completed by early 2024.

I strongly encourage you to register your interest in receiving updates on this project by contacting my office to join our community email group or through the Department's website.

You may also be interested to watch a presentation from the Department on the design options currently being assessed. Click the video below to watch.