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30 Nov 2020
The Department for Infrastructure and Transport has been working for a number of months on evaluating all the options and finding the best solution for Fixing Brighton Road - Hove Crossing, including road over, road under, rail over and rail under concepts. You may have noticed drilling at various locations along the corridor throughout the year, these geotechnical and ground water testing works form part of the early design evaluation process. From here the Department is continuing to further engage with the community and key stakeholders – this will continue over the coming weeks and into the New Year.
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Planning works continue

15 Aug 2020
Since coming into the role as Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, I have asked the Department for an update on the work being done on the Hove Level Crossing Removal Project. As you would no doubt be aware, there was some initial consultation with the community and train commuters which was then taken into consideration by the Department as they commenced the initial concept design. That work will hopefully be completed by the end of the year. All options are being considered for the best solution, including rail over, rail under, road over and road under.
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Will my commute be affected by investigative works for Hove Crossing?

09 Jun 2020
As part of the early design process, survey and site investigation works to identify the location and depth of utility services will be undertaken for approximately three weeks commencing Wednesday, 27 May. Hours of work: between 9:00AM-5:00PM, Monday to Friday. Location of works: On Brighton Rd (between Wattle Ave and Preston Ave). On Jetty Rd (between Elm St and Wenclock St). Side streets adjacent to the rail corridor (between Jetty Rd and Illawarra Ave).
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Pavement investigation along Brighton Rd

31 Mar 2020
As part of the Hove Level Crossing Removal Project, pavement investigation works will be undertaken at various locations along Brighton Rd, Brighton. Hours of work: 8:00PM, Tuesday 31 March to 6:00AM, Wednesday 1 April. Location of works: Along Brighton Rd, between Somers St and Sturt Rd.  
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Why is there drilling around Hove Crossing?

11 Dec 2019
You may have seen some engineering works in our community around Hove Crossing recently. As part of the planning study PTPA will be conducting geotechnical and ground water testing from Monday 9 December 2019 to Friday 20 December 2019.
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Hove Crossing Project

02 Dec 2019
The Hon. C.L. WINGARD (Gibson—Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services, Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing) (15:15): I rise to speak on a number of important issues that are happening in my local community and my electorate and to update the house on the Hove crossing project. I have spoken in this house many times before about the Oaklands crossing project, and I am pleased to let everyone know that the continuing benefits in my community as a result of this project are being very well received. In fact, I get stopped in the street regularly by people who are so excited about the delivery of this project. After 30 or 40 years in the waiting, this has been a great result for everyone in my local area.  
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Planning Study commences

22 Nov 2019
The team who helped complete our successful Oaklands Crossing Project, Public Transport Projects Alliance (“PTPA”) has been engaged to undertake the Planning Study and community engagement process as part of the Hove Crossing Project. 
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Community Drop in Sessions - 5 to 7 November 2019

01 Nov 2019
We know how important it is to involve the community in this process and just like with Oaklands Crossing, the government wants to hear from you to make sure we get the design right for this vital piece of infrastructure. 
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We are Fixing Hove Crossing!

29 Oct 2019
In a major win for our community, the Marshall State Government and the Morrison Government announced $171m in funding for a major upgrade to Hove Railway Crossing at Brighton Road that will bust traffic congestion and significantly improve safety along the Brighton Road corridor.   Hove Crossing has been a long standing problem in our community and I have worked hard with my state and federal colleagues to fix this issue.
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Oaklands Crossing - Almost there....and what is next for our Community?

05 Jul 2019
If you haven't had an opportunity to use the new Oaklands Railway Station recently, I encourage everyone to pop down, have a look and catch a train (or two!).  The Station looks fantastic, it is bright and airy and is a first class addition to our community.   The landscaping works are also progressing well with a range of native trees, shrubs and ground covers planted along all four access points to the station.  
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